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27 October 2021 | News EN Quality Approach SNIFL-EN

The Saint-Charles Quality Plan is renewed again

SNIFL, the French union of fruit and vegetable importers and exporters and the DGCCRF, the French General-Directorate...

20 October 2021 | News EN Saint-Charles Export - en

FRUIT ATTRACTION: back to “normal” with success

Just back from Madrid and the 13th annual Fruit Attraction trade show, members of Saint-Charles Export report...

6 August 2021 | News EN Saint-Charles Export - en

15th Saint-Charles Export General Meeting

The fifteenth Saint-Charles Export General Meeting, chaired by Mr Julien Batlle, was held in strict compliance of...

| News EN

A “digitised” Ordinary General Meeting

This June, the 46th Ordinary General Meeting of the Union of Housing Development of Saint Charles International...

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