This June, the 46th Ordinary General Meeting of the Union of Housing Development of Saint Charles International was held.

It was with a slight twinge of sorrow that President Edouard Raymond sent the annual report and all the necessary administrative documents electronically to all the co-owners of this 33 hectare private site. Indeed, the development of the virus situation, even if it has been rather favourable for a few days, has led the platform managers to remain cautious and to avoid any large-scale gathering.

The Office members therefore decided to hold this 46th Ordinary General Meeting behind closed doors and to vote on the resolutions in electronic form.

Despite the virus context, there has been no shortage of topics in recent months, all of which have been summarised in the digitised activity report submitted for the occasion.

For example, an update was given on subscriptions, tolls and market withdrawals, where specific collections are now offered for the sorting of cardboard and wooden pallets.

Feedback was also given on the major works for 2020, particularly in terms of roads and networks; on the outsourcing of the sweeping of the bottom of the quays and the conclusion of an annual service contract with ESAT L’Envol, in order to ensure, in addition to the work carried out by the Union’s agents, a full and optimal service for cleaning the site; on the development of the security service to prevent anti-social behaviour and to ensure access control as well as security and respect for the Highway Code on the site.

Also discussed were the projects initiated in 2020 and on which work will continue in 2021 for their full implementation, such as the rollout of a new video surveillance system, the replacement of some servers and the hosting of some data and applications on a Microsoft Cloud. As the cost of waste continues to rise year on year, the transformation of the site’s rubbish dock into a sorting centre is currently being studied in order to further optimise waste recovery. Consideration is also being given to improving the lighting on part of the ring road, with LED spotlights on the existing masts, supplemented by solar-powered lamp posts. Finally, and as an extension of the solar roofs that have already been in place for more than 10 years, a study is underway for the installation of sun shades in the Administrative Centre and Technical Centre car parks.

“Saint-Charles 2020-2040: study launched!”

In his “digital” annual report, President Edouard Raymond was both pleased and proud to inform the co-owners that the Master Plan for the Development and Planning of the whole of the Saint-Charles area, entitled “Saint-Charles 2020 – 2040”, in which the Union of Housing Development is participating alongside the Urban Community of Perpignan, the State and the Occitanie Pyrénées-Méditerranée Region, was becoming a reality!

The study began in May, and for 12 months the platform will be the focus of attention. The aim of this study is to identify current and future needs and to plan professional development for the platform’s professionals and their sector by 2040, in order to anticipate and determine the solutions capable of guaranteeing the growth and development of the platform and its companies.

Similarly, the projects put forward by the Board of Directors in the written consultation that was sent to the residents in 2020 have been thoroughly undertaken and are still ongoing in 2021. Thus, the acquisitions and exchanges of plots of land carried out by the Union of Housing Development allow for a reorganisation of the land with the aim of improving the provision of the land belonging to the Union. It will therefore be possible to make improvements to these new spaces, like surrendering all or part of them to allow for the construction of buildings and activity development.

The participation of the 60 co-owners was exemplary for this first paper-free General Meeting, which was a great success. Thus, more than 98% expressed their opinions during this electronic consultation, and all the resolutions were voted in with an overwhelming majority, a sign of confidence in the actions carried out by the Board of Directors during the past year, as well as in the approaches proposed by the latter for the current year.

Land acquired from the Pyrénées-Orientales Chamber of Commerce and Industry

signature terrains CCI PO

Prior to this General Meeting, and in an adjoining room, the co-owners of the building adjoining part of the grounds of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry on Saint-Charles met under the aegis of notary Maître SAEZ to sign the acquisition of these plots with the President of the Pyrénées-Orientales CCI, Mr Bernard Fourcade.

Part of the latter having been acquired on the same day by the Trade Union of the Union of Housing Development in the context of its land consolidation project with a view to carrying out developments of general interest or installing new activities.