Logo Saint Charles International


SAINT CHARLES INTERNATIONAL refers to the Perpignan platform as a whole.
In legal terms, the representative entities are :


The mission of this trade union association is to manage the 32-hectare private site which is accessed by a toll. This union brings together the 63 co-owners of the buildings. The site is therefore totally private. Its main missions are to ensure the safety and cleanliness of the site. The “Syndicat du Lotissement” meets in General Assembly once a year, and has different Commissions (Finance, Works, Communication). It is also part of Saint Charles Solar (cf Who we are, Corporate Social Responsibility component).

Président : Edouard Raymond


The * National Syndicate of Importers / Exporters of Fruits and Vegetables, brings together all the professionals of import / export marketing of fruits and vegetables (73 member companies “ex-officio”) as well as companies with close links with the sector (51 associated members). The latter are carriers / logisticians, SSIs, training centers, equipment manufacturers, financial organizations, etc. This professional union meets in General Assembly once a year, and has different Commissions (Trade, Transport / Logistics, Training / Recruitment, Quality, Third Countries). It adheres to all the major structures of the sector, such as Freshfel, Interfel, the Regional Observatory of Transport, and many others. He also participates as an expert in the biennial meetings of the European Commission in Brussels on Tomato and Peach / Nectarine products.

Président : Denis Ginard


The group of SMEs labeled in 2007 has the mission to promote the activity of its members for export. It brings together professionals from SNIFL, local and regional production, and transportation, as well as the following structures: Occitanie / Pyrénées Méditerranée region, Pyrénées-Orientales department, Perpignan Méditerranée Métropole, the departmental consular chambers, the Banque Populaire du Sud , Crédit Agricole Sud Méditerranée, the Syndicat du Lotissement. It organizes the participation of its members in the three big shows in the Fruit and Vegetables sector: Fruit Logistica in Berlin, Medfel in Perpignan, Fruit Attraction in Madrid. Saint-Charles Export also organizes prospecting missions abroad, as well as buyer receptions for member companies.

Président : Julien Batlle