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  • Manager : M. Thierry OLIVA
  • Contact :
  • Location : 565 rue Louis DELAGE 66 000 PERPIGNAN
  • Tel : 04 68 61 02 36
  • Fax : 04 68 61 39 30
  • Email : thierry.oliva@spiebatignolles.fr
  • Website :
  • Employees : 95


The company MALET is the subsidiary of the group SPIE BATIGNOLLES specialist of the road. We operate on public works sites as well as large infrastructure projects or local public and private works.
We operate mainly in the greater south of France, from Poitiers to Nice via Bordeaux, Montpellier and Marseille thanks to our 33 branches, 23 coating stations, 14 recycling platforms, 7 aggregates production sites and 6 production plants. ’emulsion. Our strengths: complementarity, responsiveness and agility.
The PERPIGNAN Agency is made up of about fifteen specialized teams in all the work of Voirie – Réseaux Divers.
In addition, it has a specific team that carries out the asphalt works of the PERPIGNAN Agency.


The activities and services offered by our agency in Perpignan are:
– road and highway works,
– Housing estate, car parks and various roads
– New Diverse Networks or rehabilitation: Rainwater, Wastewater, Drinking Water
– Laboratory missions and technical assistance with our road laboratory