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  • Manager : Laurent Medina
  • Contact : Nadine Planas
  • Location : Grand Saint-Charles, B.P. 75326 - 131, rue de Séville - 66033 PERPIGNAN Cedex
  • Tel : 04 68 68 43 26
  • Fax : 04 68 68 43 25
  • Email : n.medina@groupemedina.com
  • Website :
  • Employees : 155


Founded in 1966, SAS LM MEDINA, a specialist in road freight transport, is rapidly becoming involved in combined rail-road transport, the CO2 Objective Labeling is fully in line with “sustainable development” and respect for regulations.

In 1996, the company set up on the Grand Saint-Charles platform in Perpignan, a controlled temperature storage unit, whose capacity in full development (12,000 m2) allows a quality “logistics and warehousing” service.
52 years experience in Transport and Logistics:

“Transport” activity adapted for each of our European customers, responsiveness, punctuality, day A loading for day B delivery of products (various expenses, frozen, industrial) with a fleet of latest generation Euro6 vehicles, CO2 Objective labeling (only 42 in France start 2017) and a team of experienced employees.
Quality Warehousing and Logistics activity with 12000 m2 temperature controlled warehouses and therefore for all types of products on the site of the Grand Saint Charles in Perpignan; HACCP certification, management, storage, approval, picking, sorting, waste treatment.