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Laboratoire d'analyses


  • Manager : Mikael BRESSON
  • Contact : Gladys Dupont
  • Location : Parc scientifique George Besse II, 180 Rue Philippe Maupas, 30035 Nîmes
  • Tel : 04 34 14 70 00
  • Fax : 04 66 23 99 95
  • Email : contact@phytocontrol.com
  • Website :
  • Employees : 200


Located in Nîmes, the laboratory covers more than 4000 m² in a state-of-the-art ISO 14001 certified building equipped with the latest analytical technologies. The Phytocontrol Group is made up of regional agencies, in France and in Europe, organized around its central laboratory. Each one ensures the proximity, the follow-up, and the advice of Phytocontrol with its customers. French leader in the field, Phytocontrol is at the service of all actors in the agricultural, food and agri-food, hydrology, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and phytopharmaceutical sectors. Phytocontrol is a scientific team of more than 200 people specializing in the chemistry of contaminants, composed of engineers and technicians chemists, biochemists, microbiologists and agronomists, who provides all his skills and expertise to provide analytical service of the best level accompanied by technical and regulatory advice.


• Pesticide residues
• Heavy metals
• Mycotoxins
• Alkaloids
• Residues of veterinary drugs
• Authentication of species (animal and plant)
• Allergens
• Contaminants from packaging and processes
• Neoformed contaminants
• Food coloring
• Dioxins and PCBs
• Norovirus and Hepatitis A
• Food microbiology
• Nutritional values
• Water analyzes