An unmissable event for the National Syndicate of Fruit & Vegetable Importers & Exporters of Saint Charles International, the “Report” meeting concerning 2019/2020 feedback on actions taken as part of the Saint-Charles Quality Control Strategy (Démarche Qualité Saint-Charles, DQSC) was held.

As usual, this meeting was organised under the aegis of Mr. Joël Bonaric, Regional Director of the CCRF & Metrology for Occitanie.

Discussions addressed, in both form and content, the very good results obtained by the Syndicate and its member companies in the control and application of this “Quality” standard.

Bilan Démarche Qualité 2019-20

At the meeting, the results obtained by the signatory companies of the DQSE agreement during the triennial audits conducted between 18 and 22 January 2021, were presented by Ms Alexia Dessemond, Engineer and Auditor for the CTIFL.

The research conducted by the 4 CTIFL engineers recruited for this occasion, convinced Mr. Bonaric of the excellent management of the 122 audited requirements. Indeed, the results of these triennial audits reveal an overall compliance average of 92.7% for the 62 companies “contracted” within the DQSC.

The “Quality” requirements of the 62 “DQSC”members for this 2019/2020 campaign can be summarised by the following key figures :

  • The Syndicate sent:
    • 201 “food safety” reports
    • 16 information circulars
    • 30 regulatory monitoring reports
  • 155 employees trained by the Syndicate. “Initial” and “Ongoing” training linked to the DQSC label, as well as other training courses carried out throughout the year on specific themes (HACCP for groups and individuals in the company or “specific products”training in the company).
  • The Syndicate also carried out 3 partial audits (*) per signatory company, making a yearly total of 185 partial audits with an overall compliance rate for this campaign of 91.5 %.
  • Via the pooling system set up by the Syndicate, the signatory companies carried out, under the “DQSC”, 2,096 analyses through Laboratories approved by the DGCCRF: Laboratoire Départemental CAMP and Laboratoire Phytocontrol.

(*) : Partial audit topics: documentation system / parameter control / incoming inspection / residue analysis plan / traceability / installations / Private Digital Community and Logo, etc.

Lastly, DIRECCTE representatives were able to appreciate the momentum for progress being maintained as part of this Strategy, despite the difficult health context we are all going through, including the fulfilment of commitments made during the previous report, such as :

  • The recruitment of a second Quality Officer to support the member companies: Ms Elora Lascombes.
  • The implementation of a new visual identity for this label.
  • The emergence, after a Test period, of a new Quality Audit, Advice and Support service for professionals in the trading, transportation and logistics sectors.

Réunion bilan démarche qualité st charles 2019-20

This afternoon, 11 March, a backward scheduling plan was established between the DIRECCTE and the Syndicate to complete the review of the triennial agreement to be signed between the Board and the SNIFL in September 2021 for the 2021/2024 period.

With the forthcoming renewal of the Saint-Charles Quality Control Strategy, the Board representatives who attended this “Report” meeting in Perpignan wished to underline the excellent management by the Syndicate and its member companies of the “Quality, hygiene and health safety” protocols, and the tremendous drive lever that this dynamic represents for the entire sector.


Attendees :

    • Mr Joël BONARIC (Director of the CCRF & Metrology for Occitanie)
    • Madame Maryse DERAY (Head of Section – Steering, Technical Coordination and Support for DD(CS)PP)
    • Mr Nicolas OULES (Regional Fruit & Vegetable Technical Inspector)
    • Mr Thibault MOURGUES (Regional Fruit & Vegetable Technical Inspector)
  • For DDPP 66:
    • Ms Estelle BOHBOT (Director of DDPP 66)
    • Mr Gilles STOQUART (Head of CCRF DDPP 66 section)
  • For Laboratoire Départemental CAMP:
    • Mr Arnaud BRETECHER (Manager of Chemistry department)
    • Ms Stéphanie MARTINEZ (Deputy Food Safety Manager)
  • For Laboratoire Phytocontrôl:
    • Mr Fabien MERILLAC (Toulouse Branch Manager)
  • For the Quality Commission:
    • Mr Emmanuel EICHNER (SNIFL Administrator in charge of Quality Commission)
    • Mr Gérard FABRE (SNIFL Administrator – Quality Commission Assessor)
    • Ms Bérengère DUCHESNE (Quality Manager – Agri Commerce)
    • Ms Séverine CAIL (Quality Manager – Alternea)
    • Ms Elodie PHILIBERT (Quality Manager – Anecoop)