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  • Manager : Frédéric Rodriguez
  • Contact : Guillaume Plombin
  • Location : 6 rue Francoise D’eaubonne – 31200 Toulouse
  • Tel : 06 19 25 52 23
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  • Employees : 370


GreenFlex has been convinced since 2009 that companies must contribute positively to changing the world by transforming themselves.
The Group favors the acceleration of the transition and the reduction of the environmental and societal bill in order to meet the major challenges of the companies by accompanying them from the strategy to action towards a more efficient future, a "Good Future".
GreenFlex's multi-expert teams build operational and sustainable solutions on a daily basis that combine support, data intelligence and financing for concrete and measurable results.
GreenFlex joined Total in 2017 in the "innovation and energy efficiency" business unit of Gas, Renewables & Power.


Offer an energy performance solution piloted, instrumented and committed to result. Our support allows us to work on two pillars:
The progress plan: optimize existing installations through adjustments, deletions and a repository of good practices.
The change plan: Accompany our customers on investments with a turnkey solution integrating assistance to project management, site monitoring, and the provision of equipment with the possibility of commitment to results on a savings in KWh.

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