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  • Manager : Valérie Attia
  • Contact : M. Fabrice LARBODIERE
  • Location : Immeuble Via Verde - 55 place Nelson Mandela - 92000 Nanterre
  • Tel : 0562148213
  • Fax :
  • Email : fabrice.larbodiere@moodys.com
  • Website :
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Heir to 120 years of innovation, Ellisphere is the reference of decisional information in France and internationally via the BIGnet network. Thus, Ellisphere accompanies and secures the decision-making of economic actors – companies and financiers – by delivering them economic and financial information on their trading partners. These information solutions enable economic players to face their multiple challenges, whether it is to conquer new customers, control their risks or comply with regulations. The expertise of Ellisphere’s 350 employees helps develop innovative solutions, including scoring, financial analysis, private rating and compliance.


For members of Saint Charles International : access to two platforms for economic and financial information on companies: Ellipro (France) and Orbis (international).