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  • Manager : Cyril Rozier
  • Contact :
  • Location : Saint Charles International, 101, Allée de Provence - 66 000 Perpignan
  • Tel : 04 68 36 36 05
  • Fax :
  • Email : cyril.rozier@aprinfo.fr
  • Website :
  • Employees : 11


APRInfo software packages are built and evolve on a daily basis, respecting two fundamentals:
Simplicity for the end user: an interface that is as close as possible to your business and your company’s processes.
Reliability of software packages: compliance with current and future regulations.
the ERP Rinfo is the only one of its category to be certified NF Software according to NF ISO / IEC 25051.
APRInfo adapts to each business or organizational context, because its software packages benefit from:
● An affordable full-web HMI.
● An unpublished design module based on free market standards such as Linux CentOs, Apache, Php, Mysql …
We market a set of interconnected business modules to match your specific needs and your organization.


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